Linux DRM-Free Builds of Daedalic Games

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Linux DRM-Free Builds of Daedalic Games

Beitragvon mulletdeath » Mo 7. Sep 2015, 22:54

The Linux versions of many Daedalic titles sold on the Humble Store do not have a DRM-free build available. This is the case with the Deponia series, Journey of a Roach, and the Last Tinker: City of Colors, among others, but is not the case for Anna's Quest. Would it be feasible for these to be added? I am sure there are many Linux users who would appreciate having parity with the Windows and Mac offerings for those games on the Humble Store. I do use the Steam releases of these games, but on the other hand it is also nice to not be tied down to DRM, and that is a large part of what shopping on Humble is all about.

A related question comes in the form of the absence of Deponia: The Complete Journey on GOG, despite having the three games it encompasses sold individually on GOG.

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