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download second book

Beitragvon Coraki » Fr 15. Dez 2017, 11:07

I pre-ordered "The Pillars of the Earth" for the PS4. How am I supposed to download the second book? I tried updating through options menu when highlighting the game, but it says that it's updated. If I go into the game there is no option to select the book.

Not sure what I'm doing wrong or if the release had been delayed for the ps4.

Thank you for your time.

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Re: download second book

Beitragvon Galdring » Sa 30. Dez 2017, 17:34


as I do not own a PS4, this is merely speculation, but: In Steam it's listed as a DLC and I know from the XBox One that DLCs sometimes have to be downloaded separately, even if they are bought via Season Pass or Pre-Order or other means. Could this be the same issue for the PS4? If so, look at the store page for PoE and see if there's a DLC for the second book and try to download that, if you've already purchased it via pre-order.

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