English version: In-game bugs and workarounds

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English version: In-game bugs and workarounds

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The version of Edna & Harvey: The Breakout currently sold on Steam (Edna Steam 1.2 (2013-09-04)) and presumably other English versions cannot be completed due to a number of bugs that only exist in the English script files.

Fortunately, a Steam user called "joseph fo example" has made an unofficial patch/replacement for English script files that can be found here:
http://steamcommunity.com/app/255320/di ... 991191177/

While I cannot vouch personally for every change the patch makes, here are a couple highlights:

-Ending bugs-
Spoiler: show
I have personally verified that neither ending show entirely without the unofficial patch.
The 'first' ending freezes with the night background and no text, the other ending freezes just before "THE END" would be displayed.

For example if you look at "script\en\raumobjekt.csv", line 2876
80990201;Edna 1 ;800009;490;390;10;bildfolgen/outro/outrotext_edna1.png_en;false

Obviously "outrotext_edna1.png_en" should be "outrotext_edna1_en.png". There are more changes, I have not checked the effects of all of them. The patch seems to have lost many umlauts but this did not cause a problem in my experience.

-The kitchen bug-
Spoiler: show
In the food menu screen, picking up the 5th menu pin can lock the player in the screen.

According to the patch author "All mouseover text for menu items in the puzzle is in German now, otherwise [the puzzle] won't work", so please note that some items have been left in German on purpose! Please look at the patched "script\en\raumobjektinteraktion.csv" at lines 618-623 in particular.

I hope Daedalic will look at the changes in the unofficial patch to identify and fix all the known bugs properly with an official update. Otherwise please keep this thread visible so English players can find the workaround.

Thank you.

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