Help! Occlusion in amber...

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Help! Occlusion in amber...

Beitragvon Lucian » Di 3. Mai 2011, 04:59

So, I've been struggling for a really long time trying to get the occlusion in the amber and broke down and read the walkthrough. It says I need to order a stinkydrink, drink it with the straw and then get the fly and put it into the earwax I've collected.

ONE HUGE PROBLEM: I already ordered the stinkydrink, I drank it, it mentioned the fly, there was NO FLY in my inventory, I used the cup on the barkeep and he took it back! Now I cannot order another stinkydrink. Is there an alternative solution to this or is this now broken? Because I'm really not in the mood to retrace all of my steps until this point.

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