a begging letter from a multi-daedalic game owner.

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a begging letter from a multi-daedalic game owner.

Beitragvon Zirus Blackheart » Mi 4. Nov 2015, 02:52

Hello everyone :-)

I own many Daedalic games now,
The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav,
Edna & Harvey: Harveys New Eyes,
Journey of a Roach,
A New Beginning - The Final Cut,
and The Whispered World: Special Edition which this post is specifically posted to.

I own all those games but i haven't played any of them for more than 2hrs max in total...... :-(

********** The reason is this, which may seem very small to some people is the exact reason ALL the Daedalic point 'n' click games get a 1/10 from me :-( *********

1/10 Due to lack of ability SLOW DOWN the time between each line of dialogue.
The speech audio has zero gap between each spoken sentence which quite often causes pops 'n' clicks which sounds awefull and is bad for speakers. There is no way in game to add a gap between them because, UNLIKE EVERY OTHER GRAPHIC ADVENTURE there is No Slider for Dialogue Speed!
&! No Way to Set Dialogue to progress only at Mouse Click so ya CANT play the game As A Book!

Without it You Cannot
- sort the pops between the dialogue lines and TRAIN SPEED reading that it is set to :-/
- Play the game with the speech off because you are forced to read at a certain speed


.....and yet i keep buying Daedalic games.... why? because, even though i havnt played one myself at all properly i KNOW theyre good games n i hope the next time they have added the small dialogue fix :-(

.....its such a simple fix to turn this game from a 1/10 into probably a huge amount higher :-( looks like something ill really remember...... but if i cant read it like a book (alow dialogue to progress only with mouse click/hit enter) then this game is staying as a VERY unfortunate 1/10

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