Wonderfull experience

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Wonderfull experience

Beitragvon Japa » Mi 12. Mai 2010, 16:05

I have just completed the game and it was amazing. All puzzles are solvable and logical (to me), story is truly unforgettable. Loved all the characters too, especially the rock brothers and Spot OFC. The ending is quite good, unexpected, but no questions left unanswered unlike some other adventure games where u have no feeling of conclusion or accomplishment. :D

There is only one strange thing I found in my version of game. Its on English Steam version. When u have to use the recipe to make a Petrolium soup if u fill plate with soup and then put it back in cauldron Sadwick says "I'll just put it back" or something along those lines on German (audio) subtitle is English. Bug? :o

Also I wish I could played the game with original audio (German) and English subtitles. It would be great if there was an option (under options in game) to chose audio and subtitle languages. ;)

P.S. I hope someone reads this, but with my luck I wouldn't be surprised if nobody even noticed. :(

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