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Just been trying out the demo, and am looking forward to the full game.

I was just wondering, has any of the development team played/taken inspiration from another point-and-click adventure game by the name of 'Torin's Passage'?

That's a great game, and there are so many similarities i have spotted already. The main one being that there is a "dog" called boogle that changes shapes and is indeed always with your character, Torin, and is integral to many puzzles just as you plan spot to be. Very similar design to say the least.

Torin also starts the game as a mundane farmhand, who wishes for adventure.

None of this is to say I think you're ripping off the material, but i'm just curious. If you do not know of the game - it's worth checking out!

Anyways, I look forward to this game very much; it's been a while since I played awesome adventure point-and-click games such as Torin's passage, full throttle etc.

About how many hours can we expect the game to play for?

Finally, Good luck.

P.S. Are you a German developer? Your german language forums are much more populated than the english ones (or any other, obviously).

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Re: Inspiration?

Beitragvon Claas » Mo 19. Apr 2010, 17:34

Hey there, thanks for your feedback! We're indeed a German developer and have already released three adventure games successfully here, which is why the German-language part of the forum is so active.

To adress your main question, Torin's Passage is definitely a game the dev team was aware of, but it was just one of many influences and inspirations for the game.
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