Crackling Audio During Cutscenes

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Crackling Audio During Cutscenes

Beitragvon Haravikk » Do 31. Jul 2014, 21:27

Just downloaded A New Beginning for Mac (v2.0.3) from GoG today, and while the gameplay itself seems to be working just fine, I'm finding that the dialogue crackles quite badly during the animated cutscenes.

Dialogue during normal play works just fine, it's only the full animated interludes between interactive scenes; anyone got any ideas how I might fix it? So far I'm having to mute them and rely on the text, but it's not always transcribed correctly from the spoken dialogue.

I've recently played all three Deponia games on a bit of an adventure binge, and while the first Deponia game had some frame-rate issues, I haven't had any trouble with the sound in any of them.

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