Achievements on Steam

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Achievements on Steam

Beitragvon Dust » Do 28. Feb 2013, 19:50

Please I need Help... how i get this achievements on steam:
No Shame
Insignificant Details
Explorer of an Old World
Agent Agitator


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Re: Achievements on Steam

Beitragvon Rhetorica » Mo 18. Mär 2013, 20:02

Hello Dust,

it's been some time since I played it, but I'll give it a shot:

No Shame: Try skipping the bomb puzzle.

Farewell...: Say last goodbye to Lissa.

Insignificant Details: Try bugging the doctor for no reason at all.

Explorer of an Old World: Find the animal in the camp after you found Salvador and Delvin - it's on the right-hand bottom corner of the screen.

Agent Agitator: Shake controls three or more times in the helicopter.

I hope this solves all your worries. ;)

Have fun!
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