A New Beginning FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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A New Beginning FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s the setting and background story of A New Beginning?

A New Beginning revolves around the most urgent issue of our time, the impending climate cataclysm.

A team of time-travellers from a future, where all that’s left of our planet is a desolate, barren wasteland, is sent into the year 2050 to uncover the origins of the earth’s fatal decay.

There they are confronted with a horrifying apocalyptic scenario. Large cities lie in shambles, coastal areas are drowned with water, and broad swathes of land have been ravaged by gigantic storms. In order to avert this cruel fate, time- pilot Fay advances even further into the past, to our present day, to find a remedy to save us all.

How does the adventure begin?

Time pilot Fay seeks out scientist Bent Svensson, who has retired after decades of fruitless research. She hopes his lifework, an eco-friendly energy-alternative, could be the key that prevents a global climate-collapse.

But Fay is not the only person with an interest in Bent’s spectacular findings. An unscrupulous industrial tycoon attempts to get a hand on it, too.
Both fascinated and disturbed by Fays stirring tale, Bent decides to trust his strange visitor. Together they set out to face the seemingly unsurmountable task to save our world from destruction.

What role(s) will the player assume?

Players will control a team of two: time-traveller Fay and bio-engineer Bent Svensson.

Fay, strongly dedicated to warn mankind against the grave consequences of its reckless behaviour, is banking on the hope that our contemporaries will hold her grim accounts for true so that they eventually come to their senses.

Bent Svensson, whose surly and close-lipped demeanor reflects the rough and icy charm of his native Norway, embodies the scientific genius that our planet is dependent on.

How will A New Beginning be presented graphic-wise?

To make A New Beginning a real eye-catcher, all the graphics are painstakingly drawn by hand. The tremendous number of backgrounds, each a highlight in its own right, guarantees an adventure of epic scope.

Backgrounds comprised of more than 20 2D-layers lend locations like the destroyed San Francisco a realistic impression of depth, casting the player in a vivid environment.

Over 30 traditionally animated, realistic looking characters populate the numerous locations. Cutscenes in timeless animation film-quality complete the picture.

I have heard, the game features a “contextual” interface. What the hell does that mean?

The game is controlled via a context-sensitive interface that offers reasonable actions in accordance with the selected hotspot (an interactive point in the game world). Let’s presume you want to interact with a door. Possible actions could include: “knock on”, “listen at” or “open”. Thus we are making sure that the player won’t engage in pointless, irrelevant actions. Phrases like “I can’t do that”, which annoy almost every adventure-gamer once in a while won’t be a part of A New Beginning.

Which places am I going to visit in A New Beginning?

From Norway to San Francisco, the Amazon and the High Seas you’ll come to see exciting places of paramount importance for the climate issue. Hence, a contrasting and varied location design is assured.

Did you do scientific research for story and scenario?

In order to create a believable and realistic scenario we undertook quite a bit of research and talked to a number of scientists in fields like climate research and alternative energy. Of course, we have had to bend a couple of things for the sake of entertainment, after all A New Beginning is not intended to be an educational game. Accordingly, the catastrophes became more catastrophic and the science became a bit more straightforward.

Serious Topic = Serious Game?

Even though A New Beginning tackles a topic of enormous social significance, that potentially affects every human being; our primary objective is to present a breathtaking and entertaining eco-thriller.

We have no intention to impart A New Beginning with any kind of moral or educational agenda. Still, if a couple of people are inspired to look deeper into the issues by the game, then that’s all for the better.

Which platforms will see a release of A New Beginning? Will the versions differ?

Currently, we are developing A New Beginning for a PC release at the end of 2009. We are also working on versions for Nintendo Wii and DS.

Graphical presentation and interface will most certainly have to be adapted for the Nintendo DS version. More details concerning the different versions will be releases at a later point.
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