A New Beginning - final cut

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A New Beginning - final cut

Beitragvon PadanFain » Do 20. Dez 2012, 22:37

Hey guys,

I have a question about the 'Final Cut' of New Beginning, now sold on GOG. I just bought it in support of you, but I can't seem to find info on what the difference is between this Final cut and the previous version that was available?


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Re: A New Beginning - final cut

Beitragvon Galdring » Fr 21. Dez 2012, 10:32

Hello PadanFain,

actually, the Final Cut is a revised edition of A New Beginning. It includes bugfixes and achievements (though I'm not 100% sure about the achievements - they might be Steam-only). So mostly, the difference should be the price and the bugfixes.

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Re: A New Beginning - final cut

Beitragvon chris123 » Fr 17. Mai 2013, 15:25

The achievements are viewable only on Steam, so they're not part of the game.

So, is there a list of the bug fixes in the Final Cut? The version on GOG.com is (unless it was updated).

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