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Reactions to the game

Beitragvon bloated floater » Mi 23. Nov 2011, 14:01

I'm currently immersed in chapter 7 of the game, and wanted to take a moment out to commend the creators. It really is very good; the most enjoyable adventure game I've played in years. The backdrops are immersive, the sense of dramatic style well-developed, and the willingness to have characters engage in lengthy conversation refreshing.

The letdown, and I know I'm not the first to say it, comes in the translation and voice acting. Now, the acting I can understand; the game is clearly made on a small budget by modern standards. When voices in a game spoil the atmosphere, I tend to turn them off, so it doesn't harm the experience too greatly.

The translation is the real disappointment. Not only is the grammar clunky and the choice of words often peculiar, but basic spelling mistakes abound. It's hard to tell how good the original text is, but enough sense of it shines through to suggest that this could be so much better.
This is much more important than the acting, and I'd like to humbly suggest that improving it be the focus of future English-language versions of your games.

Because I hope there will be many more games, and I intend to check out them all.

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