Very low fps on Linux

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Very low fps on Linux

Beitragvon rbaker91 » Di 15. Aug 2017, 17:23


I bought the game a few weeks ago when I still had Windows installed, but I have moved to Elementary OS Loki (ubuntu-based) since.

On Windows I could play the game with all settings to maximum without any problems, but on linux even on the lowest settings and lowest resolution I get less than 10 fps. Increasing the settings don't seem to change anything performance related.

I tried changing the drivers to OIBAF, and then to AMDGPU-PRO, and then back to stock drivers, but on all of them I get low fps.

It's worth noting that other games run just fine, like CIV V, Portal, Half-Life 2, CS:GO.

Is there any kind of log I can provide?
Or any kind of option to change?

Thanks in advance.
I'll post computer specs if required.

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Re: Very low fps on Linux

Beitragvon Galdring » Do 17. Aug 2017, 14:05


I woulf like you to send us a mail at with you PC specs so we can have a look into this. :)

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