Brigade engine?

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Brigade engine?

Beitragvon Mozalbete » Sa 24. Sep 2016, 17:50

Hi! In about a year, Otoy will release their real time path tracing engine/API/whatever engine. This rendering engine would achieve never before seen graphics, specially everything related to lightning and materials, including reflections, refractions etc.


Otoy has been focusing on being able to achieve high fps and low noise with brigade, and it is made so that developers integrate it in their engines.

So I remembered the guys behind CM used their own engine and I wondered... what if it had brigade support? The game is ideal, specially considering you have tools to change materials and create scenes. The result would be impressive.

I know the manpower needed to implement it would be huge, but I just wanted to mention the idea, since CM3 would be the IDEAL game. Even a barely functional implementation of brigade in the future would put CM3 in the frontpage of every gaming news site, and surely Otoy is looking for partners that will show what their engine can achieve.

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