Problem with Deponia Doomsday!! Screen image/resolution

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Problem with Deponia Doomsday!! Screen image/resolution

Beitragvon Joma93 » Mo 4. Jul 2016, 02:49

I have a problem with the screen of the game and it is impossible to advance :(

The problem comes with the game image which is cut on the sides and the entire image is not visible. It is not the typical problem of black bars on the sides that are solved by lowering the resolution of the screen, if not the opposite, the game image is larger than the PC screen and leaves it unable to see everything.

I modified the config.ini file, but the only option that gives respect to resolution are three options, Auto, Deskpot and Game, and Game works best, because at least the screen is centered, with the other two options keeps the same problem but instead of seeing the image in the center, is the lower left corner, hiding the right.

Here is my game image and how it should really be:
The above is mine. As you can see on my screen hides part of the image. I can not even move to the part where it is the detonation tower because I can not move the cursor to that part
I hope someone knows the solution. Thank you.

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Re: Problem with Deponia Doomsday!! Screen image/resolution

Beitragvon Galdring » Di 12. Jul 2016, 14:48


this appears to be a DPI Scaling problem. Try deactivating DPI Scaling for the game and it should fix this. If you don't know how, just ask :)

If this doesn't resolve your problem, please send us a mail at with information on your Config.ini, because that's what might be causing it.

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