Fifth prophecy + some surprise inside

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Fifth prophecy + some surprise inside

Beitragvon Delfuego » Mi 2. Nov 2016, 14:27

Hello Daedalic! All this things written only because we all love your creature – Deponia Universe so much.

I just re-watch Scott’s Ridley Gladiator and found some interesting similarity with Deponia scenario situation.

All similarity starts with epic phrase “If you riding in green fields with the sun on your face, do not be troubled. For you now in Elysium and you’re already dead!”

If I remember right, first time Rufus comes to Elysium after death and cloning himself.

Ok, so gladiators are:
1) Clarity
2) Adequacy
3) Good emotions from game
4) Awesomeness
5) Heroes never die for nothing (or just for fun) basic rule

All these guys meet whom do you think? Of course, Russell Crowe hero aka Poki. Let’s call him Crow Poke. He chop them into bloody pieces and spit on they desecrated corpses, and after that massacre asking from fans:


Our response is a little bit predictable.

So, after some years new story beginning and it seems that for now all be OK because time travelling is a magic remedy for all scenario situations. Maybe we will see Tony on Elysium and how she helps Rufus in crazy plans? It always cool to see person who don’t believe you in situation where your madness became truth. Maybe we will see love triangle? Maybe for now both protagonists wouldn’t die? We all remember than you kill original Rufus and Goal in middle of Goodbye Deponia (and it is the biggest shit I have ever seen in any culture creation in all of my life, be proud of it, Poki and everyone who let him to do that).

Our broken hopes ascended to heaven fueled by new energy of Daedalus’ wings… and successfully became destroyed by sun and definitively crumbled into bosom of sea.

And everyone repeated again from another angle and get worsen by time-travel multiverse multidimensional confusion pell-mell. Massacre was distributed for many years and many dimensions, became more bloody and pointless and Crow Poke asks again and again “Are you not entertained?”


Absolutely not.

All things that happened just before capsule crash in Deponia 3 must be rewritten. I speak it to you from behalf of all fans of Deponia. Your creature, Deponia Universe, exists from our fan energy and it (Universe) became so materialized and powerful that from some time ago doesnt obey his creator anymore. Did you feel? We are not your fans, we are fans of Deponia. We spend more time in Deponia than creators and nobody pay us for it; we paid for Deponia pass.

Big huge thanks for creating! But from now I think show must go on by its own law. The fifth prophesy is: heroes never die.

It seems that you planned some sequel, maybe with Utopia and stuff. But as I said before all things that happened just before capsule crash in Deponia 3 must be rewritten. As you clearly show to us, you would never do that even you would have all possibilities (time travelling magic).

It is problem and it should be solved somehow.

So, how much costs Deponia IP? It is public offer.

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