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Menu is stuck with cloud syncing

Verfasst: Mi 1. Nov 2017, 07:53
von Twisted-Lip
Hello, I wasn't sure of where to post my problem so I figured I would post on these forums.

I bought the game very recently, only 5 hours played.

When I open the game, the cloud syncing symbol appears for a few seconds, disappears for a split second, then reappears again. The menu won't let me do anything. I can't play the game, I can't click the cloud symbol, and I can't even exit without tabbing out of the game! Please help me resolve this issue, I would really appreciate it.

If this is not where I should seek help for this issue then please let me know and possibly direct me to where I might get some help for it, I would also greatly appreciate it as well.

Thank you!

Great game by the way! I hope i can get back to playing it very soon

Re: Menu is stuck with cloud syncing

Verfasst: Mi 1. Nov 2017, 19:45
von Galdring

in order to help you, we need to know what version of the game you are playing on what operating system. At this point I am guessing the iPad version? We'll try to help you as quickly as possible!

best regards,

Re: Menu is stuck with cloud syncing

Verfasst: Do 2. Nov 2017, 00:54
von Twisted-Lip
Thank you for your quick response, firstly!

I'm currently running version 1.1.20 on Windows 10.

It is probably also worth noting that this problem occurred after I synced my save with my Iphone. I was originally playing on PC and then decided to buy the Iphone version as well. The Iphone is still running the game perfectly.

The game on the Iphone is running version 1.0.45
The phone is running IOS version 11.0.3

I found someone on the steam forums who describes experiencing exactly what happened to me, a developer helped him resolve the issue mentioning something about removing save files and using regedit.exe to clean the registry. But I'm not sure what he did exactly or how to do it.
Link to this forum discussion is below: ... 844422220/