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Zanzarah: Reboot

Verfasst: Fr 17. Jun 2016, 14:43
von askamn

Zanzarah is one of my favorites and seeing it die is painful. I thus propose a new objective of recreating the game from scratch while keeping the:

- Original Story
- Original Characters
- Original Fairies
- Original Battle System

Only changing the artwork (environment art) for the game and making it work on modern computers.

But I cannot do this alone, I need help from the Zanzarah community. I am a Game Logic Programmer and have worked with Game Engines such as CryEngine and Unity. I am looking forward to seeing your responses. We need people who can create environment art for this game. Remember, this is a FAN project, hence it is not paid.

Please share this on the STEAM discussions page.

Thank you.

Re: Zanzarah: Reboot

Verfasst: Fr 20. Okt 2017, 20:07
von Hoediur
After seeing the Zanzarah re-release on Steam I was hoping that someone picked it back up again. But after browsing the internet it seems everything is still the same. The idea of a fanmade rework sounds great. That is if there are no limitations by the copyright.

But if there's no problem from that side, I'd like to help with the project. Sadly I'm not an artist, but I can help with programming the game :)

Hope you are still interested/around after over a year :D

Re: Zanzarah: Reboot

Verfasst: Fr 17. Nov 2017, 20:48
von Xzimnut
I had this in mind for a long time but told myself it would be impossible since I am not a programmer/game designer myslef. However, if you list the kind of skills qnd help you need, I would be more than happy to participate, even if I have to self teach myself some new skills. That's a super good project!

Re: Zanzarah: Reboot

Verfasst: Mi 22. Nov 2017, 03:26
von Hoediur
I'm not sure if askamn is still around. But from my experience with game development I'd suggest the following skills:

  • 3D modelling
  • animation of 3D models (and maybe 2D graphics)
  • 2D textures
  • programming (language doesn't really matter, as long as there's a usable game engine which supports it (e.g. Unity and C#)
  • creating music/sound effects (even though the old sounds from zanzarah could be reused, but they might sound a little "dated")

I can cover the programming and maybe 2D textures, but 3D modeling, animation and music/sound effects is beyond me^^

Re: Zanzarah: Reboot

Verfasst: Sa 25. Nov 2017, 07:37
von Xzimnut
I am a musician and I have a simple but efficient home studio so I would love to help for the music/sound FX part. THere's nothing that could make me happier than pay tribute to the amazing work of King Einstein. :D