Cemetery door

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Cemetery door

Beitragvon Girith » Di 19. Nov 2013, 17:03

Ok, so I've played HNE some time ago and there was one situation in the cemtery when the screen would become smaller and creepy music started playing. There is also a gate through which there is no passage. I've been wondering ever since, is this of any significance or was this just an attempt to creep me out by making it seem that there is something out there that will harm my cute little Lilli?

Also, congrats to the team, you really are European Lucas Arts (in the good sense, of course ;) )

Al Dhi
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Re: Cemetery door

Beitragvon Al Dhi » Di 19. Nov 2013, 18:08

Hi Girith,

The screen became "smaller"? Smaller as in 800*600 pixel?
I guess the rumors were true after all...

You know, since the time of the elders there's been whisper going around town that every day of summer solstice at 03:22 a.m. sharp the hidden world of ANDE collides and connects with our own for only a brief moment in time on the sacred ground of the cemetery. I always used to write that off as fiction but 17 days ago I found several easter eggs at the front gates of the graveyard - Layed out to form the letters "LEUQERP".
Could that be a coded message from ANDE?
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