There's one thing I'm confused about [SPOILERS]

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There's one thing I'm confused about [SPOILERS]

Beitragvon Speakerpankratz » Mo 4. Mär 2013, 21:01

I've got a question which I'm hopeful someone will be able to answer.
In Harvey's New Eyes, there's a scene in which Mother Superior awards her "favourite" student (who only recently hung herself) a golden girl scout's badge on a ribbon... The problem is - I can understand why Lilli refuses to see the body, with her gnome "censoring" it in front of her eyes with pink paint and all that - for some inexplicable reason, Mother Superior somewhat doesn't seem to notice the body, either :shock: - yet it's there, the girl committed suicide by hanging herself from the ceiling just moments before the aformentioned "celeberations".

What's equally surprising is that Doctor Marcel also doesn't seem to notice the corpses all over the convent...

Am I missing something here?

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Re: There's one thing I'm confused about [SPOILERS]

Beitragvon Nafara » Mo 4. Mär 2013, 23:30

That's something I was confused about as well.
But I figured that they don't seem to care for the same reason the corpses are being painted pink:
Lilli didn't want to realise what she has done, therefore, nobody asks her about it or at least nobody asks her directly.
But honestly, I'm not sure about that assumption either.

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