About translations other than English

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About translations other than English

Beitragvon Hino » Sa 20. Okt 2012, 18:41

Hello :) ,

I wonder if the game is planed to be released in other langages ?
The dubs are great but French subtitles would help me a lot understanding every quotes.

Do you know if Daedalic will let other companies take in charge the translation for the box version ? I think that's what they did for other games (tradewest for The Breakout or micro-application for Deponia, in France). Translation were not bad, but we had to wait months before a box release, and no downloadable version featured French subtitles (except some guys extracted the box version files and made a french patch :mrgreen: ).

I'm stopping the game for now, I miss too much things. I hope i will soon be able to play it in French.

PS : The Harvey plush available in the webstore really makes me want it ! :D

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Re: About translations other than English

Beitragvon Galdring » Sa 20. Okt 2012, 21:42


I'm sorry, but currently, there are no plans to translate Harveys New Eyes (or other games) to other languages. Of course, subtitles are easier ways than completely new Voice-Overs, but they still are a lot of work. Of course it's always possible that we might do them (as in the examples you mentioned).

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