Just, thank you...

Joe monsters
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Just, thank you...

Beitragvon Joe monsters » Do 18. Okt 2012, 04:17

Hi !
I'm french so excuse my poor english.
Just wanted to say that I just finished Edna and Harvey : Harvey's New Eyes and i wanted to say "thank you".
It's just one of the best adventure game I ever played and, believe me, I've played a lot.
I'm a big fan of the adventures games from the 90s (Day of the tentacle, Monkey Island 2, Grim Fandango, Toonstruck, King's Quest...) and I played a lot of modern adventures games.
I'm not a big fan of Runaway...For me, besides japanese games like "Phoenix Wright" (but it's an other story), adventures games weren't what they were before anymore. But when I played Harvey's New eyes, I felt like I played an old Lucasarts game. It's funny, smart, and has a lot of rythm and ideas...
Anyway, I repeat myself, sorry.
Just a big thank you to Poki and all the team.
I'm really happy that Harvey's New Eyes what translated in english because I think it has to play by a lot of adventure gamers.
Continue to make wonderful games Daedalic !

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Re: Just, thank you...

Beitragvon Bombermans » Sa 3. Nov 2012, 15:41

Hi. I'm spanish. I just registered in this forum to say that, indeed, my opinion is EXACTLY the same as Joe monsters. I just beat the game, and man, its BEAUTIFUL. It even had a happy end (if you chose it of course). I just can't say anything that Joe monsters hasn't said already... The Story was perfect. The rythim was perfect. The music, the puzzles... EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT. I enjoyed the game so much. T_T

So, as the user above me said... Thank you. Thank you Dadaelic for this masterpiece of game.

PS2: I love the soundtrack of this game e_e

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Re: Just, thank you...

Beitragvon yutaroh » Do 7. Feb 2013, 19:45

Hi there. I'm Spanish too and I would like to say I agree with Joe monsters and Bombermans. Harvey's New Eyes was my first Daedalic game and I was so impressed. Lilli touched my heart from the beginning and then, I couldn't stop playing until the end. All of them.

The story of New Eyes it's perfect. In fact, a little short because you don't want to finish it. The music, the characters and the backgrounds are really really well done, so I wish to thank you all for doing a great game like this. And, as Bombermans said before, we'll love a third part of Edna & Harvey franchise. It would be marvellous if Lilli appears again :D (I agree to Bombermans' proposal :D :D )

But I just want to say 'Thank you', because you show this kind of game is still alive and I hope you probably surprise us with new games soon!

Thanks for everything.

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Re: Just, thank you...

Beitragvon Fredi » Di 9. Apr 2013, 19:17

Daedalic, da habt ich euch wieder mal selbst übertroffen!

neben ANB, Satinavs Ketten und Deponia (Teil1) mein absolutes Lieblingsadventure :)

Ein dickes Danke, ich hoffe es kommen noch mehr Spiel von dem Format. Edna fand ich nicht so toll, ebenso Deponia 2.

Mir gefällt an genannten Spielen:

- immer logisch
- nie ZU schwer
- Humor zum Niederknien komisch
- gute Spielzeit von rund 8 bis 12 Stunden
- viel Liebe im Spiel die man spürt
- ein Inventar mit überschaubaren Items
- geringe Laufwege

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Re: Just, thank you...

Beitragvon Mr. Malone » Mi 10. Apr 2013, 21:10

sowas liest man doch gerne ^_^

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