Can't access some menu's on Linux

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Can't access some menu's on Linux

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I am running Steam on Ubuntu 14.04 with a GeForce GT 640 graphics card (using the 352.63 nvidia driver) and I am really liking the game!

I did notice some bugs in the menu system. First I couldn't even open the production menu, clicking the menu on the bottom-left does nothing :O I could quickly get around that problem by using the y-key to open the menu (once open, I can click around just fine).

The next issue I didn't find a workaround for however... I've progressed further and want to build some extensions but the small triangle above buildings that is used to access extensions does not even render and I could not find a keyboard shortcut to open it so no workaround for this one.

Please let me know what I can do about this whether it's a fix or another workaround! I'd be happy to troubleshoot if needed!

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Re: Can't access some menu's on Linux

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please write us via our Support Form and we will look into this. :) Sadly, I'm no expert on Ubuntu so I can't help you there.

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