Tilman Error

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Tilman Error

Beitragvon kidmar » So 3. Apr 2016, 08:45

I keep getting this error when I open Blackguards2.
This error shows up in the main menu on the buttons showing strings like "<Tilman error/button continue>" instead of the text of the button.
If i click continue to load a savegame the game does not load and I see a black screen.
To solve the problem I have to use the "Veryfy/Repair" function on GOG, and then it works for one time or two.

I'm using GOG versione of the game, updated to 2.3
Windows 8 x64, 16GB Ram, i5 2500k

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Re: Tilman Error

Beitragvon Galdring » So 3. Apr 2016, 18:23


bad, bad Tilman. All his fault! ;) Jokes aside, please write to us about this via our Support Form. We will help you as quickly as possible.

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