Help Please!!!!!!!!

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Help Please!!!!!!!!

Beitragvon BlazedPhoenix27 » Mi 21. Jan 2015, 16:44

Wow. I just installed the patch 1.1 and for some reason it made the level i'm on impossible.

I am on the Mission where you Control . Naurim, Zuberan, Takida, and Faramud.
You have to destroy x6 Crystalls, then escape on the raft thing while trying to avoid lizard men plus non-stop flying lizards that summon, and an alchaz priest.

Before the update their were only x2 Lizard men plus the Priest and flying Lizards. Now you get about x7 Lizard men, the priest and Flying Lizards. Impossible to destroy the life crystalls and then try and escape. Even on easy.

x1 hit from a flying lizard = 22 damage

So anybody have any hints to get past this stupid level??

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Re: Help Please!!!!!!!!

Beitragvon Blackula » Fr 23. Jan 2015, 13:33

Yeah im stuck there too. In general levels with crystals are impossible for me. :evil:

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Re: Help Please!!!!!!!!

Beitragvon Dezrael » Sa 24. Jan 2015, 12:25

Hey there,

the way I made it is not how it is intended to be solved I guess.

In short: Sent out the closecombat chars, except for Naurim, to a suicide mission to destroy the crystals, Naurim and Zurbaran will wait at the escape point(Will only get attacked by 1 flying lizard) Buffing/Debuffing the whole field is very effective

If the crystals are gone, just let the rest die and wait 3 rounds, till they dissappear.

As all your remaining characters are in the safe zone -> Success

(It is no good solution, guess there are dozens of tricks with the environment, maybe someone will enlighten us, but for now I think this bit of help is better than nothing =)

Have fun and enjoy the game =)

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Re: Help Please!!!!!!!!

Beitragvon Joraal » Do 19. Feb 2015, 11:35

I'm using the "fury" spell (or is its name "berserk"? I don't have the english version, sry) to distract the flying lizards and keep them away from me, while the characters rush. The two mercs hold their ground on the opposite side of the map. Naurim smashes the crystals in the top left corner.

First I tried to destroy the bridge and/or start an avalanche, however I need all routes to escape the map, so I'm not cutting them anymore except when on the retreat.

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