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rip off

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hi, is it legal in germany for someone to advertise and sell a game for a platform that is not actually supported? that is exactly what is going on right now. please go read the steam discussion forum surrounding this game. 2 years ago it was communicated that the game was in testing. there has been no support and feedback on steam and the game still hasn't been released in linux despite being sold as such and having been on sale numerous times. users have been completely ignored and no one even has an idea as to when the game will finally be released. it is a complete honey trap. please facilitate some kind of resolution on the matter. either give people their money back or release the game. steam has a beta system , at least release it there. i for one feel completely ripped off right now .. i own the deponia series , anna's quest , stasis, Dead Synchronicity , Whispered World, dna & Harvey , Machinarium and money island .. and this is seriously spoiling the daedalic love. live up to your name and do something about the situation .

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Re: rip off

Beitragvon Galdring » Do 9. Jun 2016, 18:59


I can understand your anger - not getting a release on a platform you where hoping for is always frustrating.
We aren't guilty, though: We are the Publishers of Randall's Monday, not the Developers and I did not even know of any plans for a Linux release (and yes, I double checked at the office). The game was developed by Nexus Game Studios.
We're sorry that this upsets you - and we can understand, but we are not in the position to change this fact, sadly.

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