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Silence PS4 Greek subtitles?

Verfasst: Do 4. Jan 2018, 19:03
von bitzaros

I live in Athens, Greece and I have bought the game "SILENCE" on PS4 (retail/disc version) and I have installed update 1.01. The update information says that there is Greek localization (greek subtitles), but when I go to the options menu in the game there is no option for Greek subtitles....
Can you please tell me how to enable greek subtitles?

Thank you very much!

Re: Silence PS4 Greek subtitles?

Verfasst: Mo 12. Mär 2018, 19:43
von Galdring

usually, those options should show up in your game menu. But I just looked at the Silence PS4-Shop page and could not find any info on Greek subtitles, can you please send me the link to where you found this?