Kettledrum glitch

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Kettledrum glitch

Beitragvon Tyriax_ss » Mi 19. Apr 2017, 20:42

I am playing this game on ps4 pro and now I am stuck in the section where you need to push the kettledrum to the right.
After pushing it right, I go to the sling and use it.As soon as I use the sling, the kettledrum turns back to its first position
I tried many times but it happens same all the time so İstanbul cannot complete the game.

Also there is another glitch in previous section where you need to turn the three stones in an order to open the stone door.When I turn the first one (the righmost one) the talking rocks do not continue telling the "poem" and game becomes unresponsive.Luckily you can choose to skip the puzzle to pass this glitch but you miss trophies this time

Please help

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