Xbox gamepad on iMac not recognised

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Xbox gamepad on iMac not recognised

Beitragvon barrie » Sa 16. Nov 2013, 01:34

I have just installed Journey of a Roach from App Store download on iMac.
I am running OS X 10.8.4 Mountain Lion.

Journey of a Roach won't recognise my USB Xbox gamepad: its faded out in the Settings menu thus not selectable.
I have installed Xbox 360 Controller Driver V. 0.12 from tattiebogle software which recognises the gamepad.

Keyboard commands work fine.

Incidentally, I'm stuck in the beginning, I can't find anything to use for the lever in second circuit switch?
I have a bone but that doesn't work. :?


Clown(in) der Traurigkeit
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Re: Xbox gamepad on iMac not recognised

Beitragvon KarZodrak » Di 19. Nov 2013, 16:56

Hi Barrie
There are some issues with gamepads on certain systems and I'd like to look into this. Therefore, is it possible for you to send me the logfiles of the game to 'testing at'? You can find them in the folder "/Volumes/*Computername*/Users/*Username*/Library/Application Support/Daedalic Entertainment/Journey of a Roach/Logs".

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