[Goodbye Deponia] Problem in title screen

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[Goodbye Deponia] Problem in title screen

Beitragvon elfmist » Mi 8. Okt 2014, 18:04

Hello, recently i brought Goodbye Deponia Premium Edition on GMG and activated it on Steam. So i tried to play the game, but after the Daedelic's Logo falls and the sidedoors close, it won't open, and stay like this forever even though the Main OST is playing and the game is still working.

PS¹: I already have played Deponia and Chaos on Deponia on this PC and i hadn't any problems and my performance was absolutely great. ;)

PS²: I have already tried to change the configs on the Visionarie Tool but it was no use even on the Window Mode.

I have a:

Windows 7 Ultimate - 64 bits
Intel Pentium Dual-Core 2,40GHz

It stands like this forever.

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Re: [Goodbye Deponia] Problem in title screen

Beitragvon Galdring » Mi 8. Okt 2014, 18:40


please send a mail with your detailled system information (the dxdiag etc) to our support under support@daedalic.de. We will try to help you there as quickly as possible.

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