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Re: Deponia 4?

Verfasst: Di 27. Okt 2015, 20:43
von diGriz
Galdring hat geschrieben:Hello,

I just want to chime in here for one, simple fact:
Daedalic honestly doesn't do "Happy Endings", for the most part. Think Edna & Harvey (both parts), think Chains of Satinav (okay, Memoria was a tiny bit happy ending)... So this is very much in-line with our regular approach. ;)

Apart from that, I find it very interesting that even after this time (I mean: it's been out a while) people are still so invested in this discussion (and the German one, as well) about the trilogy's ending. It sparked a lot of interest from the community and left quite some questions, but maybe, just maybe: Might this be exactly what it wanted to do? ;)

There are lots of What-ifs, lots of could've, should've, would've, but in the end, as Poki, the game's lead designer stated: This was the ending he was aming for.

Think about it this way (and this is my personal opinion): What Rufus did in the end was the only selfless deed he ever did, and he did it to save everyone. Isn't that an ending then, that makes you think? I mean - it did, obviously, but it takes some emotional attachment to think this much about an ending. Which, from my point of view, only works when stories are well-written.
Then again, I'm obviously a bit biased *coughs* ;)

Just my personal statement,

Not sure about the other games, cause never played Daedalic's other games and even more don't want to argue with someone's opinion.

But in this trilogy (I mean 1st, 2nd parts and the whole 3rd part excepting the end) I didn't feel any tradegy. It feels like you are always ensured that it's not the end, that you will get out of any trouble. You play all the game with these axact feelings. And as I told earlier it feels like small fairy tale, and fairy tales are usually have happy endings.)

And even I've read all the topics about the ending, and I can understand nearly everyone's opinion it doesn't change my own feelings that Rufus had to have some other crazy plan to solve that situation.
And I really hope on some fanfic endings even in comics or any other formats if Poki wont create even a small hope for the fans.

Re: Deponia 4?

Verfasst: Mi 4. Nov 2015, 22:22
von tinysalamander
(this post might contain spoilers)

The ending is really not what should've been, but that's been said before (although I still can't quite understand why Goal couldn't start saving them with randomly chosen one). But I've got a bit of a small message for storywriters (not just of this game, but in general).

For the love of Flonne, please, don't use cloning as some sort of hi-tech resurrection device unless you want to say something with that and it is possible at least half-way understand whatever you meant. Cloning is not resurrection and killing main character, cloning him and moving on as if nothing happened is just bad. This was much worse offender than the ending to me.

My 5¢.

Re: Deponia 4?

Verfasst: Di 1. Mär 2016, 09:57
von diGriz
Guys!!! I love you all!!!!!!!!

In 9 hours new Deponia releases in steam!!!! DOOMSDAY!

And in 12 hours will be my Birthday. Thank you Daedalic - you made my dreams come true!!! This is the best present you could ever made!!!

Re: Deponia 4?

Verfasst: Mo 24. Apr 2017, 08:13
von Darius Clemmons
It was joyless for me. In my opinion, Deponia Doomsday - one of the best games among those that would be better not be released at all. The original trilogy is masterpiece.