Windows XP support?

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Windows XP support?

Beitragvon AndreyMust19 » Mo 2. Nov 2015, 11:09

Hello, developers and players.

I reading system requirements on 'Steam' and seen 'DirectX 9', but not seen 'Windows XP'.
It's means what game working on Vista/7, but using only DX9 or game should be working on WinXP, just not tested? For example, i know what all latest UE3-games not have official WinXP support, but works fine (Dishonored, Goat Simulator and other).

Interesting, someone can run "Memoria" on Windows XP, or not? It's works?

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Re: Windows XP support?

Beitragvon Galdring » Mo 2. Nov 2015, 17:14


I've just checked the System Requirements for Memoria - XP is officially not a supported Operating System for this game (also, as a private advice: You should really switch to a newer OS, XP is horribly outdated and very unsafe to use at this point). As you said, this doesn't mean it won't run on XP, but we cannot give you any technical support on the game if something goes wrong.

Also, please make sure your PC has a dedicated graphics card, as internal graphics chips are likely to cause additional trouble.

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