Memoria Doesn't install into system :!

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Memoria Doesn't install into system :!

Beitragvon LatisARG » Mo 21. Apr 2014, 23:10

Hi dunno whats happens i meet all reqs and my drivers and windows are up to date
when i hit install, the installer just keep repeating the same action "creating oupot folder" and never install the game

I buyed the game in ubisoft store in a deal.


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Re: Memoria Doesn't install into system :!

Beitragvon Screeny » Mo 21. Apr 2014, 23:21

Hi @LatisARG,

just wait some minutes. There is a little bug in the installer so it does not show any files while installing, just directories. In fact it's copying all files to your hard disk but you will only see the "directory has been created"-message. Just lookup this path - there should be some files after starting the installation!

Just give it some minutes (up to 20 ... depends on your hardware) and everything should working fine. If not, please be sure to run the installer with admin privileges and try if the install path on K: is writable. :)

Screeny :ugeek:
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