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Arena Battle 7 Bug

Verfasst: Sa 19. Apr 2014, 23:49
von mfbx6ds7
Hi there

Having a major bug problem. It comes up in arena battle 7, almost always on turn 5 or 6. The two enemy archers telport off the hex grid into the foreground, i lose my movement cursor so am unable to move or target anything and the game becomes unplayable. I have tried a couple of fixes, replayed through the game from scratch and uninstalled/re-installed the game but the same problem continues to affect me.

Also of note, the teleporting issue has previously occurred in the battle against the mirrors, with bal's flails disappearing altogether. However, the movement cursor remained unaffected in this case and i was able to complete the level. Thi did not occur when i replayed the game through.

Any ideas? I'm suffering Blackguards withdrawal!


Re: Arena Battle 7 Bug

Verfasst: Do 24. Apr 2014, 23:17
von hydr0
experimental: i guess you are running a version from steam or any other download source !NOT Collectors Edition!, in this case you are unable to officialy downgrade to version 1.2 of the game, so since the game files are nearly identical you can try to create a backupcopy of your blackguards game installation folder

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C:\Program Files (x86)\Daedalic Entertainment GmbH\Blackguards\
and then download this inofficial downgrade

extract it into your backup copy folder usually called Blackguards, run the downgrade by executing the downgrade.bat file, after a successful downgrade to 1.2 try to start the game using the blackguards.exe in your backup copy folder

load your savegame and retry the level, when it works you should save your game and continue playing with the original 1.3 version.

if this helps file in a message,
if it does not do so also and provide a save game file attached as .zip
you can find it located at:

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%LOCALAPPDATA%\Daedalic Entertainment GmbH\Blackguards

Re: Arena Battle 7 Bug

Verfasst: So 27. Apr 2014, 19:47
von mfbx6ds7
Thanks very much for trying. Unfortunately this didn't work.

Here's a couple of screenshots of the problem.
Spoiler: show
2014-04-27_00001.jpg (205.15 KiB) 3995 mal betrachtet
2014-04-27_00002.jpg (204.91 KiB) 3995 mal betrachtet
Again this is just after the 4th turn where the death wheels fire

These are from the downgraded version, but its an identical problem to what i had before.

Re: Arena Battle 7 Bug

Verfasst: So 27. Apr 2014, 23:16
von hydr0
maybe you would like to provide the battlesave file, to look into this...

btw. does at least one deathwheel spit fire before the game freezes? if not it might be a ressource file issue combined with this mystic character jump, if you remember on which hex-field they where located before you could hit them when attacking that field, of course not when your mouse cursor gets invisible ;/

to attach this file you it is usefull to zip it first, else the forum software might reject it, uploading is simular to attaching images

you can find it in your explorer window entering the location as:
%LOCALAPPDATA%\Daedalic Entertainment GmbH\Blackguards

Re: Arena Battle 7 Bug

Verfasst: Mi 11. Mai 2016, 02:24
von rafael_ly
I just started playing and I am having the exact same problem. I have the standard Steam version. So, is there a fix for this? What should I do? it is impossible to advance in the game like this. I also had a similar problem in the third and the fourth arena battles. The characters would disappear, but hovering over the hex you could target the enemy anyway, so I managed to complete them. But now they don't move, cannot target the enemy by hovering over the hex, and cannot click on the levers. And yes, the Death Wheels fired one time.
It's such waste, I cannot buy the DLC or Blackguards 2 while I cannot even finish the first game because of a bug. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Re: Arena Battle 7 Bug

Verfasst: Di 27. Sep 2016, 22:47
von Schreiberling
Wenn ich das richtig gelesen/übersetzt habe - my English ist not so good - dann hab ich dasselbe Problem: Ich kann mich nicht bewegen! Ich spiele ein offline-Spiel, nichts über Steam. Ich komme bei der siebenten Welle mit meinen Jungs nicht weiter; keine Bewegung im Sinne von laufen ist plötzlich möglich. Ich hänge ein paar Schritte vor dem linken HP-Pott und komme nicht daran! Das ist aber nicht das erste Mal; gleich am Anfang, bei den Goblins, bin ich auch nicht über eine bestimmte (gedachte) Mittellinie (,die das Spielfeld geteilt hat) hinaus gekommen. Das ist äußerst frustrierend! Ich habe inzwischen zum sechsten Mal neu angefangen: mal kommt der eine plötzlich nicht von der Stelle, mal der andere. Echt Sch...! Aber echt, eh! Sehr schade, da ich das Spiel lieb gewonnen habe... Patch ist der 1.6 - und soweit ich weiß, ist das er letzte... Watt nu?

Grüße vom Schreiberling

Re: Arena Battle 7 Bug

Verfasst: Sa 5. Mai 2018, 21:08
von iMatt
How to fix this bug:

Change your resolution and lower all graphic options to a minimum (for this one battle)! This includes the Battle log etc.

Once you lowered all options you can start the battle and the enemies won't bug anymore.

I hope this helps!