Game Mechanics

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Game Mechanics

Beitragvon Sagil » Fr 14. Feb 2014, 22:01

I have started to collect a number of developer posts (or explanations confirmed by devs) that clarify game mechanics, for easy reference.


In contrast to the TDE 4 ruleset, there is no dedicated parry or dodge roll. The attack of the attacker is weighted against the parry/dodge (whatever is available and has the highest value) of the defender. If they are the same, the chance to hit is 60%. For each increasing point of difference between the two values, the chance to hit will be modified by +5% or -5%, up to a value of 95% hit chance. Any hit using this one and only dice roll will be considered a "hit", any miss will be considered a successful "parry"/"dodge". A roll of 20 on the D20 is considered a "masterly parry"/"masterly dodge" by the defender. So there are essentially no "misses" due to not having separate rolls any more. Also note that there is no way to dodge after a failed parry.

This is also different with distance attacks, where there is a minimum chance of 10% to miss (19 or 20 on a D20). Rolling a 20 in distance combat will result in a true "miss", whereas rolling a 19 will result in a "masterly parry"/"masterly dodge" from the opponent. Distance attacks can only be parried if the defender has a shield equipped.

A character can parry only once per round, but dodge any number of times. However, for every attack beyond the first the dodge attempt is made at a commulative -2 penalty (0, -2, -4, etc.). A masterly parry does not prevent further parries, a masterly dodge does not result in a -2 penalty for subsequent dodge attempts.

You can neither parry nor dodge when swapping weapons (because you're busy swapping the whole round).

Dual Wielding

A dual wielding character has two separate attack values for each weapon he wields with a malus being applied to your off-hand weapon (the malus can be decreased by special abilities). A singular attack roll is made just like with a normal attack with a single weapon. Then this one attack roll is checked for each hand separately. That means if for example the attack roll is below or equal to the attack value for your main-hand, but it is higher than the off-hand attack value, the main-hand weapon will hit whereas the off-hand weapon will miss. A roll of 20 will always fail on both weapons and a roll of 1 will always hit critically with both weapons, though. Inflicted damage is then summed up and modifiers are applied.

Skills that do not explicitly refer to the use of dual wielding use the main-hand weapon only. Also dual wielding does not allow a character to parry more than once a round and the main-hand weapon is used for that purpose.

Bonus Damage from Strength

Each weapon has a minimum strength requirement and a strength progression. E.g. "13/3" means that a character with strength less than 13 cannot use it, and for every 3 points of strength above 13 you deal one point of bonus damage (so e.g. with 19 Strength you would deal +2 damage extra). This minimum and progression differs from weapon from weapon - if you equip a weapon and see (1d6+4+1) then the last +1 is the extra damage you get from strength. At the moment no documentation reflects that.

Casting in Metal Armor

If you equip a spell caster with metal armor, he receives a -8 penalty on all spells (i.e., he casts as if all spells had 8 ranks less), and astral regeneration does not function at all. The amount of metal does not matter, a single piece is enough.
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Re: Game Mechanics

Beitragvon Io » Mo 17. Feb 2014, 13:36

Thanks for that. We're intending to improve the communication of the rules further with patch 1.3 by adding a more detailed combat log for example. Also the depiction of ability effects and item values will be changed to make them more understandable.

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Re: Game Mechanics

Beitragvon QuadX » Fr 5. Dez 2014, 18:01

I really love how this game is set up, I really want to buy it, however, it is only a 1-player game. This is my only draw-back to making the purchase. I would really love to see this game go co-op multiplayer, the queue could be set up like Dota 2 or Dead Island Epidemic. There could be a lobby and smart matching ( meaning no two people can run the same character at the same time in the same group ). This would be immensely fun and would show people different ways to play certain characters. :geek: :D

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Re: Game Mechanics

Beitragvon marryxiao » Mi 18. Mär 2015, 08:31

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Re: Game Mechanics

Beitragvon nirvana » Fr 20. Mär 2015, 19:13

Gibts das auch auf deutsch?
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