thx for a game, wishes for upcoming 2 part by a Dungeon vet

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thx for a game, wishes for upcoming 2 part by a Dungeon vet

Beitragvon ggeorg » Mi 15. Okt 2014, 20:09

Hello there,

I have discover your game last week. Pretty awesome, very thank you for that. I didnt know that such oldchoold dungeon in the modern graphic even exists. One idea is significant, reduce wandering in empty 3D cityes to the beautiful adventure-like semi static views. That is the trademark, keep it please! Further I like:
- cynical but emotinal heroes, story telling
- gray world (not black&white)
- the system without levels, but points to buy a skill
- huge amount of side quests
- decent amount of hit points (you know, today games tend to give you 24583HP)
- voice acting
I hope that I would see all these in the Blackguards 2.

Thinks I belive need to improve:
- Loading screens -
thats pain. At least global map must be part of every location. So trasition from the location to the map must be immediate. another trick, use the travel time for loading on the back ground. Dot is moving on the map and location is loading on the backgound. In fact, the lenght of route could serve as an load bar. :-] So no loading screns are needed.
- Attack&parry slider of the current weapon -
must be visible and accessible on the battle screen. Best above the HP bar. When battle situation change, I want to easy change my tactic. Maybe if a healtbar area changes to the slider when I mouse hover? At the moment I need so many clicks and checking in the deep menu that few times I risk death than to fight with menus.
- spell talent screen -
thats the mess, very noncomfortable. 1- Percentage of success rates for all 4 levels must be seen immediately next to the spell icon. 2. link of the spell to he character's values should use the same system as on the "Base values screen". If I mouse hover Paralyze it hoghlighs Strenght,Intution, Charisma 3. Also it must works backwards, If i hover Intuition then all Intuition dependent spells highlight.
- inventory screen -
8 items on the screen is too small. Make it 12 at least.
reusable throwing weapons, arrows, traps
those thinks are tooo expensive to one shot. Must be reusable. Catching bandits by the bear trap sounds funny but for 6 dukat per bandit! Really?! Those are solid metal pieces, can be used again and again. Same as throwing knifes, javelins and so on.

One eye catching wish - more combat animanions. Special moves, finishing moves, pretend fencing animation when waiting end of turn. Blood&gore DLC - brutal moves, blood splashes, heads rolling.
One global wish - Do not use windows who need to scroll, it is like an ERP/SAP style, avoid it so much so possible.
One funny wish - There is an spark spell,dont blind me too, tone down the effect. Usualy, I play at night on 27" monitor, I have to close my eyes just before I cast.

Thank you for reading wall of text,
I would write next post when I see a gameplay of Blackguards 2


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