Please read first in case of technical issues!

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Please read first in case of technical issues!

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If you encounter technical problems with one of the games published or developed by Daedalic, please read this thread completely first and follow the advice given. The most common mistakes are often solvable very easily.

1. System Requirements
Please make absolutely sure that your system meets the specified requirements (especially the graphics card memory and supported OpenGL version). If the requirements are not met, we unfortunately cannot provide any support.

2. Patches
Search the official game site for patches, that might have resolved known issues already, and install them.

3. Drivers and operating system update
It is always recommended that you keep your video and sound card drivers, as well as your input device drivers, and your operating system (Windows / Mac OS X) up to date. Most of the optical and acoustic error are caused by outdated drivers! To download the latest drivers, please visit the site of your hardware manufacturer. It is often a good idea to completely remove the old drivers from the system before a newer version is installed in order to avoid conflicts.

3a. For notebooks: Make sure that the optimal graphics card is used
Notebooks often have a separate graphics card in addition to the internal graphics chipset. For games the "performance graphics card" should be activated. This setting can be activated in the BIOS setup at boot time (caution is advised!) or in Windows in the System Control Panel in the NVIDIA or AMD Catalyst control panels, depending on your graphics card.

4. Check and disable third-party software
In most cases third-party software (such as virus scanners) will cause no problems with our games. If the game does not run correctly, it is still advisable to terminate all background programs for trial purposes, though.

5. Reinstall the game
In rare cases it may have happened that not all files have been copied correctly during installation. To exclude that this is indeed the case, please uninstall the game completely from the system and re-install it afterwards. If the game is not running again, it may also be helpful to install the game on a different hard drive or partition.

6. Search for a solution
If nothing of the previous helps resolve the issue, please check our Support FAQ and/or search this forum for a possible solution. A similar or the same problem might already have occured and a solution might be available.

When contacting us
If you ultimately turn to asking us, please consider the following:
1. Our official support team can be contacted via the official Support Form or via email at You can also choose to report your issue here in the forum, so that other players can help, too. Be aware though that no official support can be offered on this board.
2. If you leave a post or write to us, please remember to attach some information about your system:

Where did you buy our game?
  • Retail?
  • Steam?
  • GoG?
  • ...
What is the version number of your game? This information is usually displayed in the main menu of a game.

DxDiag Log (Windows)
  1. Press Windows key + R.
  2. Type "dxdiag" and confirm.
  3. Click in the opening window (you may get a question dialogue, just confirm that) "Save all information ..." and create a TXT file.
  4. Attach the created TXT file to your email or zip and then attach it your request in the forum.

Msinfo32 log (Windows)
  1. Press Windows key + R.
  2. Type "msinfo32" and confirm.
  3. Click in the opening window on the menu option "File" -> "Export ..." and creat a TXT file.
  4. Attach the created TXT file to your email or zip and then attach it your request in the forum.

Mac Profiler Log (Mac OS X)
  1. By pressing the Option key (ALT) and select System Profiler (System Information in 10.7) from the Apple menu.
  2. Click on the menu option "File" -> "Save / Save As ..." and create a file that you may zip and attach to the email or post in the forum.

3. Please describe the error as precisely as possible so that we can check and adjust the case in your posting or mail. A screenshot is often provides helpful as well.

If you want to report a crash of a Visionaire based game (Deponia, TWW, ANB, HNE etc.)
If you want to report a crash of a Visionaire based game, you can help us a lot by adding a few additional details.
We are going to need the messages.log created during the crash and the memory dump file visplayer.dmp being created automatically. Please edit the following settings, then reproduce the crash.

Changes to config.ini
  • Open the file config.ini located in the install path of the game. Edit the following line:
    "LOGLEVEL = Error" to "LOGLEVEL = Info"
  • Launch the VisionaireConfigurationTool and set Loglevel to Info.
  • Click the folder icon inside the VisionaireConfigurationTool to open the local app data folder. This contains the needed files for the next steps.

Reproduce the crash
  • Launch the game and reproduce the crash situation.
  • The local app data folder (Win: either opened before or press Win + R and enter "%localappdata%", Mac: /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Daedalic Entertainment/<game title>) now contains the files "messages.log" and (possibly) "visplayer.dmp".
  • Attach the existing files to an email to Also add a dxdiag log (see above how to create one). Please state the name of the game and version and do not forget to describe the crash situation itself in detail.

Thanks for reading and following this advice. Have fun playing, hopefully without any trouble :)!

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