Achievements HELP!

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Achievements HELP!

Beitragvon Nate_uk » Mi 21. Nov 2012, 17:39

Hey, so i've completed the game but i had a fair few missing achis, and normally that wouldn't bother me but a lot of them seem to also be associated with easter eggs or bonus stuff, so that plus my obsessive compulsiveness when it comes to games i love, means i really want to get them all. the ones i still need are:

Supercool (i heard this was to do with poetry but no matter what i said or to whom, i couldnt unlock it from the poetry stuff)
T-415411293 (no idea at all what this is, i can't even work out what the picture is meant to be of for it)
Cheater (again no idea what this is to do with)
Pin Up Goal

i also want to know if Pin Up Goal is the same thing as the puzzle in the "bonus" section, and where the pieces of this puzzle are ?? i thought i was pretty thorough about going over everything but i havent found any in the game. i don't have a single piece of the puzzle :S

I really need help with these so i can feel that i have "completed" it all!

thanks so much for any help you can give!


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Re: Achievements HELP!

Beitragvon Gorfuras » Mi 21. Nov 2012, 19:12

I don't know anything about the achievements, just have the Box... BUT
Actually the pieces of the puzzle look more like some slip of paper. Just to help you (I try to write it in white, so you have to mark the text if you wanna know)


In the bar at right side, where the bottles stand... On one of the bottle is such a piece of the puzzle. You have to click it. It doesn't have a "hint" on the pieces.

Hope you understand what I mean. So far, maybe someone else can help you to get the other achievements although I think that you are right and "Goal" and the "puzzle" relate to another.
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