Can you pause the game mid-Dialogue?

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Can you pause the game mid-Dialogue?

Beitragvon logan5201 » Di 3. Jun 2014, 02:45

Hi, I just bough "Chaos auf Deponia." I'm actually using it as a resource for learning German. I was just wandering, is there anyway to pause the game mid-Dialogue while someone is speaking so I can stop to translate texts? I know you can hit the space bar in cut-scenes to pause but it'd be helpful for me to pause in-Game. If not, is there anywhere I can find the Game transcript? I know a lot of what I need to progress in the game can be repeated but there's also a lot of dialogue in between all that I'm missing. Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)

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Re: Can you pause the game mid-Dialogue?

Beitragvon Screeny » Di 3. Jun 2014, 07:46

Hi @logan5201

as far as I know it is not possible to pause dialogues within the game nor the game transcript is available. Sorry :(
Maybe the official support can help you, just try to send them a message to ;)

Screeny :ugeek:

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