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Youtube Let's Play

Beitragvon Achrmaeiad » Fr 23. Aug 2013, 17:14

Hello again!

I will likely finish recording my Deponia let's play in a couple days, so I figured that now would be a good time to request permission to do a let's play for Chaos on Deponia. I'm really looking forward to seeing what crazy things Rufus gets into this time, and with any luck I'll be ready for Goodbye Deponia when it's released!

Thank you in advance,

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Re: Youtube Let's Play

Beitragvon Galdring » Sa 24. Aug 2013, 08:01


I just sent you the permission. If you continue at this rate, you might just be finished with Chaos on Deponia when Goodbye Deponia comes out... ;)

Anyway, enjoy the game! I laughed myself silly. :)

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