Patch 1.3

Der Technische Support für 1954 Alcatraz wurde eingestellt.
The Technical Support for 1954 Alcatraz was discontinued.
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Patch 1.3

Beitragvon Stef » Do 28. Aug 2014, 10:46

Hello guys,

there is a new patch for 1954: Alcatraz which fixes some bugs in the game and adds Italien (text-)localization.

Download the patch here:

The patch notes can be found at the end of the post.


Hallo zusammen,

es gibt einen neuen Patch für 1954: Alcatraz, der einige Bugs behebt und die italienische (Text-)Lokalisierung hinzufügt.

Download Patch:

Changelog patch 1.3

- Credits may now only be viewed in the main menu due to misbehaviour ingame.
- Some small fixes in the French localization.
- Fixed an issue where Joe lipsynced Mason in the Chapel.
- Fixed missing Russian and French credits.
- Fixed an issue not quitting the game properly on OSX.
- Fixed an issue in Joe's cell where you could click why the cell door is opening, leading to misbehavior.
- Fixed an issue with some dialogue options being too long to fit the dialogue box.
- Fixed an issue allowing to open the menu while fighting Gas Pipe in the cave.
- Fixed some issues not locking the inventory properly when necessary, allowing to break the game.
- Added Italian (text-)localization.
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