Der Technische Support für 1954 Alcatraz wurde eingestellt.
The Technical Support for 1954 Alcatraz was discontinued.
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Beitragvon ryan » Mo 14. Apr 2014, 02:01

I downloaded the game from steam and then when it launched all I get is a black screen!!
my monitor is 1080p so I don't understand why I cant see the menu
I can hear the mouse scrolling over the menu and I can even click on things but all I get is my monitor saying it cannot display!
why would you set you game up to have a default res over 1080p?!?
who has better than 1080p and want to buy your little point and click game?
answer = nobody
I paid like $10 and I got crap! a black screen I cant navigate to try and turn down the resolution!
half off who fucking cares when you cant even play!

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