Audio frequently cuts out at the end of dialogue

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Audio frequently cuts out at the end of dialogue

Beitragvon AngelosEirwen » Do 28. Jul 2016, 09:52

towards the end of a line of dialogue, Jerry and several other character's audio will cut, there is also a phenomena where entire lines are skipped within a split-second and I miss valuable information to the game's progression. Just recently, after fixing the machine in the Hall of Apprentices, Marquis De Hoto's sprite completely disappeared for the remainder of the scene and did not return until arriving back in Mousewood. This is all very frustrating but hopefully you can fix it. Here are my system specs.

Intel 4790K Processor
Nvidia GeForce GTX 950 GPU (EVGA)
Windows 10 Home

I've attached an error log as well
Image containing the error's mentioned above
Screenshot_40.png (194.76 KiB) 736 mal betrachtet

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Re: Audio frequently cuts out at the end of dialogue

Beitragvon Galdring » Fr 29. Jul 2016, 18:35


we are aware of this issue, but it is because the files are sometimes cut too short. We cannot offer a fix for this, sadly, but have taken it into consideration for future games, so since Deponia Doomsday, the audio is cut differently.

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