technical problem - cannot speak to one of the characters

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technical problem - cannot speak to one of the characters

Beitragvon lindajohansson1 » Do 7. Jul 2016, 18:34

I seem to have a technical problem in chapter 4, at the radio station.

After having used the white ball with the sticker on the drum hatch, I can no longer speak to the lizard character. The mouth icon shows up when I point at the character, but when I click Jerry just does a little turn and nothing happens. I can still talk to other characters.

I first thought it was part of the game but I looked up this part in a walk through on line and it says that after using the ball on the hatch you should speak to the lizard character again.

I tried restarting the game and my computer several times, it didn't work.

I enjoy the game very much and I would like to finish it without having to start over from the beginning. Is there anything I can do?

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