UPDATE The Night of the Rabbit 1.2 is out now!

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UPDATE The Night of the Rabbit 1.2 is out now!

Beitragvon Mr. Malone » Do 14. Nov 2013, 17:52

Steam Only
Scroll down for retail

The long awaited patch for The Night of the Rabbit is finally done and will fix several issues with the game:

- Fixed spelling errors in the English localization
- Fixed missing talk animations after turnaround of Jerry
- Fixed black characters when using old savegames on some systems
- Fixed Errors when skipping scenes with Escape key
- Fixed memory leaks
- General Ingame Bugfixes
- Performance Optimization
- Fixed "Steam-Store" achievement not working for some users
- Fixed "A Good Hand?" achievement not working for some users
- Fixed colletable achievements having problems with different savegames

If you had any crashes or visual issues while playing the game I’d ask you to contact our support(@daedalic.de) for new savegames since the old ones would still carry the problems with them.

If you still encounter problems with the game after the patch please contact our support as well.

With kind regards

Your Daedalic Entertainment Community Team

The patch (1.1 to 1.2) is now available for the retail aswell.
Please note that the first patch(1.1) is needed in order to install 1.2 and get the game running properly.
You can get the patch right here:

If you encounter any problems feel free to contact our support(@daedalic.de)

Thank you very much

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