bug when game was crashed

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bug when game was crashed

Beitragvon ztauntz » Do 13. Okt 2016, 06:59

Hi! I bougth game in Steam and found the bug.
You need go to achievments from the main menu and then select "Card Game" in the lower right corner of screen.
(I play in Russian, may be in English menu called differently)
After that at the end of the card game whether you win or lose, or just go pressing exit from card game - game freeze 100%, and you must kill the task through Windows

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Re: bug when game was crashed

Beitragvon Malsha » Do 13. Okt 2016, 12:21

Hi ztauntz,

Thank you very much for informing us about this bug! =)

Were you able to continue the game properly? If not, feel free to download any savegame for your version (which can be found in the main or options menu of the game) from our official savegame database: http://www.daedalicsupport.com/en/games ... games.html

Kind regards,
Your Daedalic Forum Team

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