Problem with moth?

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Problem with moth?

Beitragvon Chubbop » Mi 5. Jun 2013, 11:55


In this topic are SPOILERS!!!!!

I have problem with moth on snow tree. When i speak with priestess (moth with grapes), how i can end of conversation? Here are "Is here any portal?", "You are only two?" and "What are you guard?" but nothing for end conversation. Thx for help!

And sorry for bad english word, I play it in czech language :) .

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Re: Problem with moth?

Beitragvon Sunwalker » Sa 8. Jun 2013, 04:01

It happened with me too and this seems to be a bug. Fortunately this dialogue is not required to progress, so you I would suggest you to just avoid talking with the moth and continue playing.

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