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Thank You

Beitragvon Jarylan » Sa 5. Sep 2015, 03:18

I finished 'The Night of the Rabbit' just about half an hour ago, and I wanted to give my earnest thanks to everyone who worked on the project. It was a very moving experience, and I must say that I enjoyed every moment of it to the ending.

For what it is worth, you have my complete thanks, and I shall try and convince others of how good the game is. But, I also hope that we will be able to visit the world again. There are the those I would like to meet again, and at least one I would dearly love see once more, to know what has happened to them, before and after.

I realize that you almost certainly cannot promise us another game, but I wanted you all to know I was thankful for the one we have, and that I - and presumably many more - hope for another. After all...

Nothing is impossible.

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