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von ErmineMD
Sa 2. Feb 2013, 20:48
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Thema: "There is no Apollo Langlo’s jacket" bug
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"There is no Apollo Langlo’s jacket" bug


I have russian Steam-version of the game and tried to play this part several times, but the jacket did not appear. Video. This bug is also described here.

Is it possible to do something?
von ErmineMD
Mi 30. Jan 2013, 04:52
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Thema: Game help (CONTAINS SPOILERS)
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I have talked to the blues guy, his boss and his co-worker about everything they wanted. I loaded my two saves before that moment, but there is no jacket. If I see Apollo Langlo sitting in cafeteria I should see his jacket.

I’ve got Steam-version of the game and play it using russian localisation.

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